Roland Delcol

"Sans Paroles" 2 (2019)

23,6x31,5x1,2 in ~ Peinture, Huile


Intellectual Riddle from Roland Delcol

Each of his pictures is a rebus composed of images, an intellectual riddle that sometimes is unintelligible, and sometimes not so.

Roland Delcol was born in 1942 in Brussels. In the years 1960-1963. Studied at the Brussels Free University, then in 1963-1971. At the St. Sainte-Gilles Academy of Arts. The artist has many personal exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Israel, Germany and the United States.

His work brought him international fame and recognition. Delkol’s canvases surprisingly make it possible to see how interesting the result is when the artist’s creative biography combines two factors: classical art education of the highest level and a deep understanding of historical processes, philosophy, sociology, and art history.

Behind the word “hyperrealism” in the case of Del’kol, the curious content is hidden: at one time the artist managed to find his own niche in contemporary art – and this niche has become in some way his brand. It’s enough to take one look at any picture of a Belgian to make sure: Roland Delcol is writing in a classical style and if desired he could become an outstanding realist. However, realism as such does not interest him. Another thing is hyperrealism, … by the definition of the philosopher Baudrillard, “the simulation of something that never really existed.” Let’s say a simulation of a meeting between Pinocchio and Venus, or simulation of a meeting of a nude beauty with the mother of the artist James Whistler, or simulating a meeting of actor Humphrey Bogart with a nude woman again in the restaurant amid a mysterious faceless subject wearing a hat that clearly follows the characters.

Art is always an art – and all the characters of Del’col, from cartoons to cult artists, would find a common language with naked women, why not find a common language with one beauty with another beauty … And this is not at all erotomania: Delcolus wrote his heroines with Wife and daughter. Perhaps nudity symbolizes for him the consumer society, the art of kitsch and other delights of the present. But that’s not all: according to Delkol himself, each of his pictures is a rebus composed of images, an intellectual riddle that sometimes is unintelligible, and sometimes not very (by the way, none of the pictures has a name to make it easier for us Task). Hyperrealistic paintings somehow provoke reflection.

“Everything is contained in everything, everything depends on everything, the chain of causes and effects is infinite, and it is accompanied only by stops and transplants.” What obviously can never be decisive, the first thing that caught sight is not the last. ” Roland Delcol

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